Cinema: Enjoy New Stories
Embark on cinematic journeys with our diverse AI-generated films. Enjoy an array of genres, from classics to contemporary hits, all streaming for free on our platform. Discover your next favorite story with us!
Studio: Craft Your Story
Step into the director’s chair with our AI-powered studio. From scripting to screen, our tools empower you to bring any genre to life. Create, experiment, and watch your film visions become reality.

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Creative Toolkit for Visionaries
Empower your creative journey with advanced tools. From initial concept to final publication, our suite offers comprehensive solutions for every stage of film and media production.

Create Ideas & Scripts

Generate ideas, write scripts and create storyboards.

Generate Imagery & Video

Generate images and video shots with AI, and ensure character consistency.

Dialogue & Sound Effects

Generate dialogues and unique sound effects for an immersive experience.

Compose Soundtracks

Compose captivating soundtracks tailored for your films.

Upload Assets & Movies

Upload any file type (image, video, audio) for your project or upload full movies.

Edit & Export

Edit your films, modify scenes and shots, and export the resulting film.

Publish & Share

Publish your creation on our website for everyone to see and get likes.

Future Features

New AI tools and formats for ads, TV, tutorials, social media. Potential future revenue sharing options.

Your Ultimate Cinema Hub
Experience the wonder of AI-generated cinema with AIflixhub's endless movie library. Create and showcase your own films on your personal page, and curate your collection by saving and organizing favorites.
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Trial Plan


Try it for free!

  • Personal use
  • Watch unlimited movies
  • Generate & Upload assets
  • 50 free credits
  • 0s of video
  • 1 Simultaneous AI task
  • 1GB assets
  • No support
Basic Plan

$15 per month

Ideal for personal use!

  • Personal use
  • Watch unlimited movies
  • Generate & upload assets
  • 1000 credits per month
  • ~200s of AI video
  • 3 Simultaneous AI tasks
  • 25GB assets
  • Priority support
Pro Plan

$45 per month

Ideal for professionals!

  • Commercial use
  • Watch unlimited movies
  • Generate & upload assets
  • 3000 credits per month
  • ~600s of AI video
  • 5 Simultaneous AI tasks
  • 100GB assets
  • Priority support & request feature
Studio Plan

$195 per month

Ideal for studios!

  • Commercial use for 5
  • Watch unlimited movies
  • Generate & upload assets
  • 15000 credits per month
  • ~3000s of AI video
  • 15 Simultaneous AI tasks
  • 500GB assets
  • Priority support & request feature

*For certain AI models, only research and non-commercial use are allowed, even if you hold a commercial use plan.

What is AIflixhub?
AIflixhub is an innovative platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence with the art of filmmaking. It provides a unique space for users to create, explore, and share movies generated by AI, revolutionizing the way we experience cinema.
How to watch AI-generated movies?
To immerse yourself in the world of AI-generated cinema, simply access our extensive library. Browse through a diverse collection of movies available at no cost, and select any film to start watching instantly.
How do I begin creating a movie?
Kickstart your filmmaking journey by signing up for an account. Navigate to the studio page, where you can either upload your existing assets or generate new ones, including video clips, dialogue, sound effects, and music tracks. Combine these elements seamlessly to produce and export your final movie masterpiece.
What can I create on this platform?
Our platform empowers you to bring your creative visions to life. Upload videos, images, and audio for your projects, and utilize our AI tools to craft scripts, generate imagery, synthesize videos, create spoken dialogue, design sound effects, and compose soundtracks. Enhance your films with consistent character portrayals and add dynamic conversations to your videos, all powered by AI.
What does it cost to generate content?
At AIflixhub, we leverage open-source AI models to democratize content creation. Each model incurs a cost based on the computational resources used, measured in credits per second. You can access our services by purchasing plans or credit packages, tailored to suit your project needs and scale.
Can I get a refund?
Due to the inherent costs associated with utilizing computational resources for AI-driven content generation, we are unable to offer refunds once content has been generated. Each request for AI-generated content incurs a cost from the moment of activation, utilizing credits from your purchased plan or credit package.